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Texas Driver Education Is your Texas Adult Driver Education course approved by the State?

    • Yes. Our course is officially approved by the Texas Education Agency. Any adult over 18 years of age can take our approved course. Adult Driver Education is mandatory for those 18-24. If you are over 24 and seeking your license for the first time, we recommend taking our Texas Adult Driver Education program

Texas Driver Education Is's program "Help for the Teenager Who Wants to Drive" for teens        State approved as an accredited Texas Drivers Ed program?

    • We are glad you asked this question! Yes, as a matter of fact, we were the first to be approved in the state and continue to be the #1 course available.'s course is approved by the State of Texas as Course #102, and we are proud of that! Course 102 is so popular, other providers use's course 102 as a reference on their website when trying to gain their own popularity. Students can begin our program as early as 14 years of age and take the permit test as early as 15. If the student begins our course prior to their 18th birthday, they can complete anytime after 18 and still obtain their permit.

Texas Driver Education Is a drivers test required?

    • This is a big question in Texas, since prior law did not require certain individuals to take a drivers test upon completion of a Texas Drivers Ed program. You will have to take (and pass) a Texas Drivers License Test after you have completed our drivers course. If you are under 18, you do not need to wait for us to mail your certificate in (unlike most other online driving schools). You simply finish the course, download your forms (pre-filled with your course work), and take it down to the DPS to take your test. If you are above 18, we will mail your certificate right to your door. You can then take this certificate to the DPS to take your drivers test.
Texas Driver Education What does a parent need to keep in mind for your Texas Driver Education course for teens?

    • The instructor for a TX drivers Ed course must be a parent, grandparent, step-grandparent, step-parent, foster parent or legal guardian that is appointed by a court of jurisdiction. The instructor must also hold a valid driver license issued by the State of Texas for the past 3 years. If the instructor is active military personnel or spouse, they must hold a valid driver license from their state of residency (or last duty station for the past 3 years). The instructor cannot have a record of conviction of criminally negligent homicide or DWI. The instructor must not have had their driving privileges suspended, forfeited, or revoked for traffic related violations in the past 3 years.

Texas Driver Education What if we are already enrolled in a driver education school?

Online TX Drivers Ed Credit Cards

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