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3 Easy Steps to Getting your License
1.) Sign up    2.) Do your coursework    3.) Get your License


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DPS Approved Course

Drivers Ed in Texas

Texas Driver Education

Our systematic and progressive approach utilizes the latest trends in online texas drivers ed. The program is available in multiple formats: text, interactive CD-Rom, or internet.

Our Texas driver education courses are built in seven levels. Each level contains two parts. Part one is classroom and part two is driving. The student must pass the classroom and driving activities at each level before graduating to the next level. Our concurrent training outline is easy to follow and allows students to practice and retain what they have learned. (Texas students are eligible for their permit test after completing 6 hours of study).

If you take our driver education course online, you can complete your ENTIRE course online, without ever sending us any documentation. It's ALL built within our Texas Drivers Ed Online course for Teens or Adults. Statistics clearly show that students that take our course are less likely to receive a speeding ticket, most pass their learners permit exam on the first try, and most have never had an accident resulting in an injury.

The results are unbelievable. They also clearly demonstrate that a teen driver who completes our course with their parent, are the safest drivers. Can you see now how effective our online Texas Driver Education course is and how important it is for you, as a parent to be engaged from point A to point B?


Dangers on the Road - The dangers of getting behind-the-wheel unprepared is something we have been studying and researching for over 15 years. We dive deep into cause and effect scenarios, and strive to improve our program on a daily basis, in order to save lives.

Our teenagers lives and ability is what is important. Set aside everything else and consider how important it is to choose the correct method to teach your loved ones the maturity and knowledge it takes to get behind-the-wheel in todays busy world. We really only have 1 chance to get this right.

This video will make you change your thinking about texting while driving

"It's all about Cassie Cowan - a nice girl from a nice Gwent valleys family - who kills four people on the road because she used her mobile phone and lost her concentration for a few seconds."


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Arrow offers a state approved, parent taught Texas driver education program that can be taken online, whenever you want to take it, in the comfort of your own home. From the traffic signs, right-of-way rules, parellel parking, to night driving and Texas law, all of our students are safely guided through everything they need to know using the most advanced system available all completed online, from your home.'s teen program offers over 32 hours of instruction delivered through our content-based technology giving you short effective lessons specifically designed to maximize your learning abilities. At the same time, the program is fun, easy to understand, and available to you 24 hours a day.

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As a teenager, you are thrown into an arena that sometimes may seem virtually impossible to overcome. Don't make the drivers ed process the same obstacle. After finishing your first 6 hours of your online training, if you are at least 15 years of age, you can apply for your Texas learners permit. Upon completion, you will take your written test at your local Department of Public Safety and be well on your way to obtaining your Texas learners permit.

After you obtain your learners permit, you will continue with our online program and start training behind-the wheel with your parent. Our guidelines for behind-the-wheel instruction are available at the click of a button for the parent to review and help you adjust accordingly. Every state required objective is completely covered with a thorough written guide that can be easily understood by anyone.

Why go anywhere else? You can begin today on the road to obtaining your license, and do it all from the comfort of your own home. Busy schedule? No problem.

Our Texas driver education course for teens is specifically designed for those between 14 and 17 years of age. If you are over 18, you are not required to complete as many hours. We also offer an approved 6-hour Texas Adult Driver Education program for anyone 18 and over.


Texas Drivers Ed Online Video Library- Our online video library contains over 7 hours of some of the best drivers education films available on the market today (also available through our DVD for an additional cost). From driving in bad weather, to parallel parking, the new driver is sure to find something that will benefit in their experience to come.

Some of our online drivers ed videos include: Young Drivers, Understanding Car Crashes, Defensive Driving Techniques, How Your Car Works, Medicines Modern Miracle, Share Your Life- Share Your Decision, Basic Car Care and Vehicle Safety. In addition, Defensive Driving Tactics, Advanced Driving Tactics, Driving in Bad Weather, and Road Rage: Havoc on the Highway. This list includes less than half of what we offer. There is something for everyone!


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At, we take great pride in the program they we have developed over the past 15 years. We were the very first provider of online drivers ed available in the nation. Hands down, we are the #1 drivers ed company around. No other company comes close! Even though our online program is the most popular, we realize not everyone has access to the latest technologies and high speed internet. That is why we also offer our program via CD ROM, DVD, and Textbook formats.

We use interactive multimedia technology, with full length videos, including shortclips throughout the program to better demonstrate various concepts. This includes advanced learning techniques that enable the student to remember certain topics and objectives.

It's Super Easy!

  1. Teens Sign-up with our State approved Texas Drivers Ed Course
  2. Mail in your required documentation to the state (DL-92 Request Form).
  3. The student can begin our initial 6-hours immediately.
  4. After your initial 6-hours are complete, download your permit packet directly from our website.
  5. Get your Permit
  6. Complete your program. Student can download driver license packet directly from our website.
  7. Obtain your license.


Begin Today! Beware of other course providers who require an additional payment in order to receive your final certificate. There is only ONE payment required. Upon payment, your customer credentials will be emailed to you right away and you may begin immediately, and start your online drivers education the way it was meant to be done.

Understanding Car Crashes: It's Basic Physics

"Every High School Student should see this!"- Ron Perkins.

What happens to vehicles and their occupants in crashes is determined by science. "You can't argue with the laws of physics, " says Griff Jones, an award-winning high school physics teacher who goes behind the scenes at the Institute's Vehicle Research Center to explore the basic science behind car crashes. Closed captioned for the hearing impaired.


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When it comes to teenagers taking a Texas Parent Taught Driver Education course, you can settle for an in-class option with an instructor that you have no idea what their background is, OR you monitor your teens every move by being the instructor yourself. Think about it- Who knows your teen more than yourself? Just think about enrolling your teen in an online driver education course, that is State Approved, and far better than what you grew up with, using state-of-the-art learning technology.

Online Texas Drivers Ed

If you had the option, would you want to experience (and be part of) your teen's driving maturity? Or would you want to put that responsibility on someone else, who you probably don't even know? How well do you trust someone else to get behind-the-wheel with your teen? How do we guarantee that our student will have a quality program that he (or she) can learn as they go, and before they become a victim in a collision? Should we spend our time taking our teen to and from drivers ed class? Or should we take the time to help them learn and to know for sure that they are learning what is needed to drive safely on today's busy freeways? How can my teen be safer and save on expensives at the same time? Is there a possibility that my insurance company will give us a discount for completing a State Approved Texas drivers education course?

We have news for you. We know that most (if not all) parents want their children to be safe when they are beginning their driving lessons. The easiest and best way to ensure that your student has the most effective and safest training behind-the-wheel starts with you. As most Texas driving schools offer a schedule that you must abide by, offers step-by-step instructions to maximize your learning experience. And, get this... you can stop when you want, and start when you want. It's that easy!

You are in Control! When the student begins, there is never an expiration to finish the course. You can do it at your own pace. Parents can always login and check the status of their students progress.


Video Library DVD - Our DVD contains everything available from our online video library from above. From texting while driving to advanced defensive driving methods, the student is sure to find something that will help them in their quest for driver safety. The DVD can be purchased for an additional fee after the enrollment fee has been applied.

Young Drivers - The High Risk Years

Car crashes are the number one killer of teenagers, and the risk is much greater for 16 year-olds than for other teens. This video documents the problem, describes a program that's saving young people's lives, and tells what parents can do to minimize the risk for their children.

Online TX Drivers Ed Credit Cards

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