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3 Easy Steps to Getting your License
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At, we are proud of our Texas Adult Drivers Education course. Our 6-hour, state approved Online Adult Course will put you behind-the-wheel faster than any other course around. Here is why: Upon enrollment, you will immediately receive your login ID and password to begin the course. There is no waiting for verification of email or other identification. Simply login and do the coursework. When you pass the final exam with a 70% or above, our system will generate a high priority ticket to get your certificate out right away, and right at your doorstep. When you receive your state form, simply take it down to the DPS to initiate your drivers exam. Get your Texas Drivers License immediately after.

Texas Adult Drivers Education is mandatory for adults under 25, but is available to any driver beyond the age of 25. If you are over 25 and are trying to obtain your license for the first time, we recommend's approved Texas Driving course for Adults. Our course is one of the very few driving courses that is approved online by the Texas Education Agency.'s Adult Drivers Education course will take a total of 6 hours to complete. The course is designed to explain, in detail, Texas law regarding signs, signals and markings and to help you pass your final exam. Passing your exam at the end of the course will enable you to bypass the same process at the DPS. When you apply for your Texas Drivers license at the Department of Public Safety, you will be required to provide them the certificate that we will be mailing to your address on file.

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Going on a trip? No problem! With's Adult Drivers Ed program, there is no need to hurry through. Unlike many other online adult courses, there is no deadline to finish, nor will we ever remove you from our system. You can login and out at any time of the day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also complete your course in a single sitting if you wish, or spread it out over a month (or year). Whenever you log out of our program, we will remember where you left off, so no need to keep track- We do it all for you!

We know that your Texas Adult Drivers Ed program is important to you, so best of all, we provide many tools for you to use to contact us if you need help. Our online drivers ed ticketing system is available around the clock. You may use it freely to ask us questions, or to simply drop by to say hello. We are very interested in hearing how your experience is with our online adult drivers ed program. As a matter of fact, user experience has been a very high priority for us in the past 15 years, and hearing from you helps us greatly.

Our course is easy, fun, and helpful! We use state-of-the-art technology to deliver the most advanced platform available today.'s Texas Adult Drivers Ed program is here to stay! While utilizing the most effective learning techniques, over the past 15 years, we have learned what works, and what doesn't. We try to stick with what does work, and throw the rest away. Our goal is to help you succeed in obtaining your Texas drivers license.

The State of Texas has made it mandatory for students 18-24 to pass an Adult Drivers Ed Course approved by the Texas Education Agency.

Lets break it down: Enroll in's Texas Adult Drivers Ed program, pass the final exam with a 70% or above, take your certificate to the Department of Public Safety, take your behind-the-wheel drivers test, and obtain your license. It's simple!'s Adult Texas Drivers Ed program is the most simple, cost effective way to get your Texas Drivers License.

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